Playing Too Much Megapolis?

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Does the Megapolis Cheat actually help you?

Megapolis is a big game.  It's going to require of you considerable amounts of your spare time.  This article will help you during this undertaking.

It Has been with us for some years at this point and the amount people today you notice over level 300 or more demonstrates how madly addicting Megapolis is!    Feel bad for determined fans who've apparently invested 100's of dollars on purchasing Megabucks.    Out of all free to play games in existence, Megapolis is skilled at getting players to part with their hard earned cash.    With Megapolis the game makers took the micro-purchases model and essentially inflated the cost up.    You can actually shell out well over $40 on one structure inside game that's honestly crazy!    With that in mind I do seriously feel a little good about my addiction as here I am through level 196 after having spent $nothing on megabucks or coins.   

There has been of course the Megapolis hack that had gone viral a few months ago.  You must have seen this one it was subsequently circulated pretty much everywhere.    But for me cheating such as this just ruined the game for me.    I found it much preferable to join the Megapolis Facebook communities to get some great neighbors.    When you have that in place its time to start building.    I always completely focus on the bus station to start with.    It is able to bring in big money however you have a considerable amount of obtaining resources before you'll get 400,000 bus coins a time.    Don’t fall into the trap of spending too much effort early on with all the railways.    I have yet to upgrade all the stations totally.  One thing I notice is the time it takes to go each of them all accumulating the travelers and coins.    

Ahead Of When you can fully upgrade any buses though you need to complete all the research.    Train up as many engineers as you're able to quicken doing this as well as always have them all researching anything, never ever working on nothing.    During this point continue upgrading your bus station so it is ready to take the 400k buses.    

Let us rather than get overly side tracked with several projects.  Some people focus a bit much in the beginning with the quests the game offers you.  These are a time waste for the dedicated player.

Many players think that the airport isn't really worth the time needed to upgrade and you will see it absent from lots of players maps.    A completely upgraded airport and planes earns over 1 million coins where the bus station is over 4 million!  It Is a no brainer certainly.    Each airplane requires a ton of upgrading and makes building the terminals a piece of cake.    

Waiting for materials to be given from the game takes too long you'll want to get bugging your friends.    If your playing on Facebook using a lot of friends certainly helps so long as they are really active players.    Lookup on Facebook, there are utterly tons of add me groups for Megapolis.    I Have detailed those I've personally used towards the end of this article.    

Once you've got a lot of friends you've got a two times a day routine to keep if you wish to start building fast.  

Start the game and read your messages and accept all gifts and give in return.  

All gifts can be used at the store house.  Be sure you click the only show items you can use box to get the job done more quickly.    

As Soon As that you have used each one of the items you can go in your gifts section and begin giving gifts.  

Make sure you only give items which are on a friends wishlist.   If possible you should get a gift right back from your own wish list (whenever obtainable).    er unless of course that individual denys sending a gift.   In this case you should consider carefully if this person is really a 'megapolis friend' or not.